<aside> 💸 The TL;DR: We are building a low-code Checkout solution, powering seamless, mobile-native, and effortless Payment infrastructure for web3 businesses, where you can get started accepting Solana payments in a few lines of code!


⚡ Problems We’re Solving

Cryptocurrency payments have numerous upsides over traditional rails including no fees, no chargebacks, and instant settlements, globally connected and accessible from day one, but currently Accepting cryptocurrency, let alone Solana payments is hard! The three major friction for businesses to accept Solana Payments are,

1. Too Technical

The roadblock to accepting Solana and overall cryptocurrency payments is the availability of no great infrastructure providers and everything being too technical for merchants, whose focus is on growing their products and businesses over building a payment layer right from scratch!

2. Hard integration and Unbearable UX

Available crypto payment infrastructure providers like Coinbase Commerce and BitPay,

3. No Mobile support

A major fraction of Crypto and Solana users are mobile-native and the upcoming wave of new users will be mobile-heavy too, still, almost all payment providers don't work well on mobile devices, and the UX is unbearable for users

🎉 Introducing: Checkout

To solve these problems, we created Checkout, in the first release we power these main features at the core,

1. Pre-built Checkout Solution

Checkout is a low-code solution for businesses to accept Solana Payments with ease. It powers a pre-built checkout page with all the necessary components it takes for businesses to accept and users to pay in Solana and SPL tokens. No tech jargon, no need to handle wallets, QR codes, or building everything from scratch, we do that for you!


2. Low-Code with best-in-class UX

Checkout is first of its kind payment solution, built to serve the best developers and Users who will spend on your platform! Any website already accepting fiat with Stripe or starting from scratch can accept Solana and SPL token payments in just a few lines of code. Meanwhile, the end-user experience is Top-Notch and built to convert them into paid users, by ****offering multiple payment streams (Connect wallet for desktops, Tap to Pay for mobile, and QR Code pay for IRL payments) and major Solana tokens (USDC, SOL, DUST, etc.)

3. First payments solution, powering ‘one-click’ Tap to Pay UX for mobile

We are proud to be the first-ever fully mobile native payments solution offering ‘one-click’ Tap to Pay UX for mobile users, which is on par with that of Apple Pay and GPay and is built on ‘Solana Pay protocol’! This comes with no extra configuration and the user experience becomes smooth and thus helping them love your product and convert them into paid users in seconds! Demo Video here